Wholesale Antler Letter Art - Qty 1,250 Color 4x6 Photos

High Return On Investment

  • Each photo retails for at least $2 each.  
  • Your cost - $0.32 each.
  • 1250 photos x $0.32 (cost) = $399
  • 1250 photos x $2.00 (retail) = $2500
  • Total profit = $2101


Perfect for a small start up letter art business at a craft fair or art show. 

Low startup costs for a high return on investment.  

This small wholesale package has enough letter art photos to stock a small to medium vendor space at a craft show or art fair.  Or add to your existing inventory.

This small startup wholesale antler alphabet art package includes the following:

  • Qty 1250 - 4x6 Antler High Resolution Letter Art Photos
    • Bulk wholesale antler letter art alphabet photos.
    • 45 Photos of each letter in the alphabet as well as some deer skull photos.
    • Enough letters to spell many names and phrases.
    • Free USPS Priority Shipping the same or next business day.
  • Qty 1250 - 4x6 POLYPROPYLENE Sleeves
    • Each sleeve holds one 4 x 6" photo.
    • Crystal clear material with a mylar like surface.
    • No ripples, dimples or puckers.
    • Keeps letter art photos clear of fingerprints and dust.
    • Makes letter art photos look professional and new.